Proxy Users

What is Proxy Access?

Some patients find it helpful for a second person to have access to their online GP record.  This is often a family member, medical next of kin, a close friend or a carer whom they trust to act on their behalf.  This is called proxy access.

Patients can choose to share information from their online record but this will need to be formally set up with the GP. 

Types of Proxy Access

There are different levels to access which a patient can give a proxy user, these are as follows:

  • Online appointment booking
  • Online prescription management 
  • Accessing the full medical record 

Patient consent to give Proxy Access

If the patient is able to consent to giving proxy access to either a family member, carer or close friend, then they will need to do so by completing a consent form for access. This form can be found at the surgery, call into reception and ask for one. Alternatively you can print the Proxy consent form and return to the surgery.

Patient unable to give consent for Proxy Access

There are a number of circumstances where proxy access may be given without the consent of the patient.  In all instances, the lack of capacity must be confirmed by a clinician and a decision to enable proxy access made after careful consideration of:

  • the balance of risks and benefits to the patient
  • the views of the family (where it is possible to ask the family)

Where a patient is unable to give consent, proxy access may be agreed when:

  • the proxy has a lasting power of attorney for health and welfare granted by the Office of the Public Guardian
  • the applicant is acting as a Court Appointed Deputy on behalf of the patient
  • in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 code of practice, the GP considers it in the patient’s best interests to grant access to the applicant
  • the patient is a child under the age specified in the RCGP guidance and the person requesting access is a parent or other person with parental responsibility and there are no known reasons why proxy access should not be given