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It's important to keep your medical record up to date with the latest contact number, email address, home address and name. We must have the correct details for you should we need to contact you in future. Complete the form below.

Are you a new carer?

A carer is classed as someone, either an adult or a child, who is caring for a family member, relative or a friend who would be dependant on their care. For example, if the carer was to become ill, the person who was being cared for would be at risk with no one to care for them.

We wouldn't include those who are a carer by occupation unless they were a carer for their own relative, nor someone who carers for their own child.

If you think you identify yourself as a carer, we would love to have you on our carers register at the surgery. Complete the form below.

Carers are at a much higher risk of becoming ill themselves and your GP can help  keep you fit and well by recognising the effects caring can have on your health, such as depression, stress, high blood pressure or back pain. Make sure you take advantage of the free NHS health checks if you are eligible for one and if not discuss any health concerns with Dr Zarrouk.

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